West Michigan Based Visual Storyteller


My name is Kailee Marie! I am beyond excited that you have found your way to me!

I am a West Michigan based visual storyteller A.K.A. wedding and engagement photographer. I have had a passion for photography for as long as I can remember. Shooting onward of 10 years!

With a bachelors degree in fine arts, I have a background in darkroom techniques which is how I discovered my style. I take a lot of pride in spending time with each image and finding the small details. Documentary style film is what really inspired much of my work. I discovered my love with the way I can tell your story, capture true raw and authentic moments through just a photograph. From there, I was on a mission!

As you are flipping through your gallery or your album, it’s like you’re playing your day back second by second. The giggles. The tears. The milestones. The goosebumps. The adventure. The meltdowns. The genuine emotion. I'm here for it, I'm here for all of it! I value that your day is only once. I am committed to creating beautiful and timeless photographs for you to hold forever.

When I'm not in Michigan shooting weddings, I'm somewhere under a palm tree. I absolutely love to travel. I love surrounding myself with new cultures, new people, and of course new food!

If you're up for it, heck yeah I will be wherever you need me to be!

Kailee Marie Photography


  1. I am a donut-holic. If that isn't a real thing, I just made it one! I will be the first in line for the donut bar! (Notice how this is my #1 lol)
  2. I graduated from Kendall College of Art and Design with a bachelors in Graphic Design! When I'm not shooting weddings, I am building BIG brands for small businesses.
  3. I'm a Daddy's girl! My dad is my absolute best friend.
  4. 90 day fiancé is my ALL TIME favorite show.
  5. 4th of July is my favorite holiday! The fireworks, the beaches, the drinks, hot summer air, boats, I'll take all of it!
  6. New Orleans and Hawaii are my top favorite places I've traveled.
  7. I am VERY passionate about body positivity and self care!
  8. Ashley Graham and Demi Lovato are my idols.
  9. I can actually get lost at Target. My life time goal is to go to Target in all 50 states!
  10. Outside of Photography and design, I have a love for make up!