Engagement Session

60-90 minutes
Me as your personal photographer
Signature editing
Unrestricted digital + printing rights
Personalized online gallery
2 locations
Studio option available
Includes complimentary wardrobe styling


Half Sessions

20 minutes
Me as your personal photographer
Signature editing
Unrestricted digital + printing rights
Personalized online gallery
1 location
Includes complimentary wardrobe styling


Customizations available! 

In selecting a session package, I want to ensure your happiness. My packages are designed to be flexible so that they will fit your style and personality.

All session packages are subject to 6% Michigan Tax. A Non Refundable Reservation fee is required to book your session. The first hour of travel is complimentary. Every additional hour from Grand Rapids, Michigan will include a $80/hr fee.


What time do we choose?

Lighting is the number one most important element in creating breathtaking photos! The best light is at sunrise or about an hour before sunset, So ideally we'll meet in the evening or early morning.

Do you travel for shoots?

Yes! I love to adventure and explore. Session rates may vary depending on the location, so just let me know what you have in mind and we can go from there.

Where will we go?

I'm up to adventure and LOVE exploring new places. The sky is the limit! The location really comes down to what you want in your photos. Send me a few example shots of photos you love and I can provide some suggestions in our area.

Can we bring our dog/cat/pet turtle?

YES. YES. YES! Bring them all! We can absolutely take photos with your furry family member! If you want to bring along a pet I always suggest you have a friend come along to hold them during the shoot so that we can take some distraction free photos with just the two of you.

Can we do multiple locations?

Absolutely. My typical shoots last for about 60 minutes, so we can either split time between locations or add on extra time for a set rate. In general I tend to favor locations that give us lots of variety without having to spend session time travelling from one spot to another.

When/How will we receive our photos?

Post-processing is the most time intensive part of your shoot, and so typically my couples session turnaround is about 2-4 weeks. Photos are delivered via digital download for instant access and easy sharing.

How do we book our shoot?

To book simply send an email and we'll find a date together! In order to hold your session I require a retainer & signed contract. Wedding clients do not need to submit an additional retainer.

Do you provide albums and prints?

Absolutely. While your session fee includes the session & digital files only, I also offer custom designed albums, guest books and professional prints after your session. (See a la carte for more details)

Do I have to only order prints from you?

A lot of studios do the watermark thing or force you to print albums through them - I'm not big fan of that route. I offer albums and prints, but the way I see it, you've invested a lot for your photos, so you should have the freedom to do what you want with them for personal use. You will receive a photo release so you have that freedom!

Do you shoot in color and black and white?

BOTH! The beauty of shooting in digital format is that we are able to produce ALL your photos in either colour or black and white! While I am editing the photos, I select the medium that works best for each image.

I'm not sure what outfit I want to wear!

If you'd like to get some extra variety in your photos or just aren't sure what to wear, feel free to bring a change of clothes to change in the car etc during the shoot. I'll help you choose!

I still have questions - HELP!

Have a question I didn't answer here? Don't worry, just send me an email (hello@kaileemariephotography.com) and I'll get right back to you with the answer!