Relax! This is going to be easy!

It's okay to feel a bit nervous. Taking photos can be intimidating, but I promise you there is nothing to fear! My sessions are laid back and super easy. Think of it less like a big formal shoot, and more like a few friends hanging out and getting some great pictures while we're at it. It's the perfect way to connect and get comfortable, and you'll be amazed at how much of a difference this makes on your wedding day. 

So don't stress - You're going to kill it! 

Let's go through a few tips & tricks to prepare for your shoot. 

What to Expect



First off, if you've never had photos taken before - It's going to be waaaay easier and more fun than you probably would expect! In fact, I do as much as I can to avoid any cheesy poses or awkward moments. We'll start off by just hanging out for a couple minutes. Once we're ready to take a few photos, it's all about you guys interacting and connecting in whatever way is natural to you. 

I've got a handful of favorite activities that will give you guys something to do and get the interactions started. Every couple is unique, so your session is really totally up to you. If you have ideas for an epic location or fun activity I'm 100% down to go with the flow. Most people think a photoshoot is going to be awkward, boring, and full of fake smiles. The truth is your engagement session is about capturing the REAL you. So bring your genuine self, and we'll capture some amazing photos together. 

No cheesy poses required! 

What to Wear: For her

Your outfit should most of all be a reflection of you, however certain colors, textures and styles will translate better on camera. Here are some simple tips to make sure you choose your best look! 

1) Try to stick with styles that are more time-less & classic.

You want to admire and display these photos for years to come, so aim for looks that have stood the test of time. 

2) Choose clothing with movement/layers.

Movement creates drama in your photos - dresses, flowy shawls, skirts etc are all fantastic. If your matching shoes are a little hard to walk in, bring along a pair of flats so you can get around to different locations more easily. 

3) Incorporate accessories for added interest.

A simple necklace, floppy rimmed hat, a scarf, a set of bracelets etc. These elements add that extra little touch to your outfit and translate really well 1n photos. 

- Aim for neutral colors/pastels.

- Layers are your friend!

- Avoid anything with intense patterns.

- Choose clothing that fits you well and matches

the location.

What to Wear: For him

For guys it's typically better to err on the side of overdressed. Nice shoes, a pair of fitted pants, belt and a nice shirt and you are 90% of the way there. Here are a few other important tips: 

1) Aim for layers.

Multiple layers instantly makes an outfit more fashionable. A t-shirt is too casual, but add a nice leather jacket and it's a homerun. 

2) Add some accessories for interest.

A nice watch, necklace or ring goes a LONG way. 

3) Go for fitted clothing.

Avoid baggy jeans, unfitted shirts, polos, running shoes or t-shirts with prints. Choose muted colors. Earth tones, blacks, whites & pastels are all great. 

4) Cut your hair if you wish.

Do it at LEAST 3-4 days in advance, so the hair has time to blend a bit. 

Add Layers

Layers instantly add more interest and incorporate more movement and texture into your outfit. 

Fitted Clothing

Clothing tapered to your body is more flattering on camera and a more classic style. Aim for muted colors and avoid crazy patterns. 

Mix in Accessories

A watch, ring, necklace, etc. goes a long way to add interest to an outfit. 

Easy Right?!

I hope this guide calmed any nerves and answered your questions! 

The main goal of your photos is to get you guys connecting and capture real, honest moments. So bring your authentic selves and do your best to relax and have fun! 

I have more questions!

Vist the engagement session FAQ page for more